Friday, May 27, 2011

To cook or not to cook

I love baking, I love preparing for parties, but I can't stand the day to day drudgery of cooking the evening meal.

It occurs to me that one of the strongest motivations for staying on the Commando programme is that if I go off it, I'll probably have to go back to cooking dinner again.

I'm staying on the programme.

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Diminishing Lucy said...

The fact that you have lost so much weight on the commando program AND this to be able to avoid this drudgery is gold.

I only wish.

Lovely husband never cooks evening meals in the week, ever. I would faint if he suggested it.

stink-bomb said...

ok i'll be the dumb one and ask - what "is" the commando program?

you've done so well to have lost as much as you have already!

cooking has actually grown on me - i enjoy it - i think that's my downfall :-(