Monday, August 1, 2011

This little piggy is not moving house this year

See that little piggy? His head is above water... just.

It's a mystery why just five sleeps away from my birthday I am eating chocolate at 2.29pm.

At this rate I will be lucky to move to number 70 Skinny Street.

I lost 18 kilos but I've put weight back on in the past month. I don't know how much.

So disappointed in myself. But yet I'm still eating this chocolate.

It's totally a mental thing, this weight loss caper. And I'm mental.

I will check back in after hitting 4-0MG.

Not giving up. But then, I already did that, didn't I...

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Kymmie said...

Still... 18kgs is AMAZING!!! I just want to lose 5-10kgs, and can't even do that. So you have my cheering you all the way to the big 4-0!


Cate said...

Now you just knew I was going to give you some homework reading!

But mostly because I want you to see the big picture. Dieting with a fixed end-point in mind was never going to make you happy - simply because you didn't get the right number on the scales on the right day of the year you are now not allowing yourself to be so so proud of all the amazing changes you've made and the 18kg weight loss you have achieved!
Stop and remember that life will go on after your birthday. Even if you had achieved your goal, life would still go on - maintainence of your new weight would be needed. It doesn't end simply because the calendar reads a certain date.
I know you're disappointed - but you really shouldn't be - could it be more to do with turning 40 itself that is concerning you?
You are wonderful anyway - at any weight, you are wonderful.
And chocolate is nice.

I hope you have a fantastic birthday sweety :-)

Miss Mandy said...

Congrats for the weight loss to date, I only want to shift about 4kg. But mentally I don't know what is wrong with me this year. I'm exercising, but I can't seem to bring it all together. It's all in the head, painfully so! Have a great birthday.
And cate, I'll too be checking out that post.

Diminishing Lucy said...

Bron, what you have achieved so far is bloody brilliant.

If you never lose another kilo, you still feel a hell of a lot better than you did before?



_vTg_ said...

I agree- 18kg is fantastic, and you must feel much better in so many ways because of that.

So maybe you didn't lose as much as you hoped in a year, but can you make the next goal to sustain the healthy habits you've picked up for the next year?

Anonymous said...

Eighteen kilos is more than a pregnancy for me - and I birth 4 plus kilo babies, so well done! Think about how much extra effort carrying around a pregnancy takes and applaud yourself for your effort. If you hadn't set out on this journey, you would not be 18 kg lighter for your 40th.
I know why you are eating chocolate - the sugar in it is addictive. I have been there. I found myself trying to talk myself into buying a kit kat yesterday. Weird, I haven't had chocolate for 11 months. I wanted to experience the wafer crunch, not the actual chocolate. It passed.

Anne Downing said...

Good luck and feel free to look at my blog for some tips.

reread said...

That's still great, you will feel happier and healthier for it ...