Sunday, August 29, 2010

One word

Thank god there is only one outlet (that I know of, don't tell me if I'm wrong!) in Sydney. A trip to Manly isn't the same without it... Heaven.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

1 more bag packed for Skinny Street

Makes me happy to know that I'm slowly winding up the fat rope and getting ready to set sail. I haven't even been 'trying hard', I've just been trying to eat mindfully and accept it when I decide to go off the rails a bit. Dieters will know what I mean when I say that I've actually been thinking about LOTS of other things besides food. I've hardly thought about food at all in fact. Could this be key?


Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm not telling you

Going well... check out my weight loss counter in the footer of my blog... tres exciting!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Writing my song...

I'm doing well. I haven't weighed myself (I don't think I will for a while, if that's okay) but I feel like I've stayed reasonably on the straight and narrow (narrow, geddit?). I've realised that my 'diet' is taking shape in the form of 'eat like a normal person eats'. So, aside from banning chocolate (unless it's in something that I bake myself) I'm really eating much as I usually do, just a bit less at mealtimes and a lot less at snacktimes. It's working really well.

It feels sustainable.

Which is the whole point, really.  Previous attempts have resulted in me scoffing chocolates by 4pm because I feel deprived and I feel like I'll never get a square meal again as long as I live. Not good.

It's nice to feel a bit more in control again. And it's nice to feel like I'm finally doing something again to move a little (little, geddit?) bit closer to looking like the 'me' that's in my heart.

No more skinny puns. Promise.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Phase 159 of the 20 year diet is... on!

So, I turned 39 on Friday . So Saturday marked the beginning of me packing my bags for the big move to Skinny Street. Feels oddly great, just as decluttering the unclutterable always feels great. You've just got to set the timer and start clearing out a single drawer.

And so we begin.

So, on Saturday I had Thai takeaway for dinner and ordered curry and noodles. That's not the way to move to Skinny Street, now is it? Next time it will be Chilli Chicken and I'll boil my own brown rice. See, I'm planning.

Then on Sunday I made Lemonade Scones for afternoon tea and ate five of them with butter and jam. Hmmmm, this drawer is very, very cluttered, isn't it? Next time I'll eat only two with jam only... and miss the butter with every bite. So maybe I will have one with butter and jam. Planning.

Fear not, this blog is not going to be a blow by blow of what I did and didn't eat each day. God help me, I would bore the pants off myself. But I wanted to give you the above rundown so you know exactly what we are dealing with.




Ah well, at least we have set the timer...

[Image by Princess Elanalda]