Thursday, May 26, 2011

More than half way

How is this possible?

In February I felt like my weight was a battle that I would never win. I was resigned to making fat jokes about myself forever. I was okay with that - some of my jokes are really, really funny and I love nothing more than catching someone off guard by being un-PC about myself. Great fun.

But, of course, nice if you don't have to, right?

Now, in May, I am 19 kilos lighter and a part of me wonders how that happened.

I've tried to lose weight many, many times over my life. Starting at about 16 when I didn't know what I weighed, what I was meant to weigh or even how to get there. All I knew was that I was 'huge' and I needed to be 'not huge'.

Huge. What a joke. I was probably under-weight at the time, not over weight.

Years and years and years passed and somewhere along the 'weigh' I guess I just gave up losing that 'five kilos' that plagued me. I could never 'stay on a diet' for longer than... oh, two days, a day, a morning. It varied, but a week was a triumph and any more than that seemed completely unachievable. Even leading up to my wedding, when I was a total gym junkie, going up to five times a week, I still continued to eat and eat and everything stayed the same. It didn't bother me enough. I was still happy in my skin and proud to be me.

Five kilos became ten. Ten kilos became fifteen and then. Then.

I stacked it on. I knew that I was eating all the wrong foods in all the wrong amounts, but something in me didn't care. I was battling a bigger demon than my weight - sleep deprivation - and the sugar and carb cravings I was experiencing had to be endured to be believed. My body was tormented by blood sugar peaks and troughs and I was tormented by my failure again and again to 'stay on a diet'. I didn't want to live like a miserable, whoa-is-me person so I just gave into the sugar and found my inner 'fat and happy' chick.

Those sugar cravings. I have given up smoking after a long and committed addiction and I felt more cravings for sugar than I ever remember feeling for nicotine. The difference, I know, was that part of me felt I deserved the sugar and the same could never be said of my relationship with nicotine. I guess I wanted to give up smoking enough.

And so it goes.

Many of us have been there.

But I'm different now. Just different. After years of feeling like all I want is a bloody good sleep, I'm suddenly awake. I'll tell you more about what's different in my next post.

Thanks for listening. Talking about this stuff is really hard for me. Mostly because I worry that I'm boring and also because I worry that by saying it out loud, I might jinx it.

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Diminishing Lucy said...

So so so not boring. Not to me. It's fascinating. And is it only 3 months that you have lost all that? Amazing. Well done. Just really really well done. xx

Cate said...

I think that you are brilliant! What an amazing achievement!
And you're zanorexic jokes are still funny :-)
I'm going to refer you now to
because your going to have to start thinking about 'maintenance' and 'refusing to regain' before too long!!
Champion effort. You should be properly proud of your effort.
Who do you see when you look in the mirror? the new you or the old you? just wondering :-)

Jen said...

That is a terrific achievement and not boring at all, it makes perfect sense to me :). Well done on losing so much weight in such a short amount of time :)

Anonymous said...

You rock! I bet you are feeling great. I am sure you read my recent post about sugar addiction. I have to pinch myself every day that I can look at sugar laden things and go "nah". Being totally off it is such a freeing experience. Never again will I need to count calories, points or stress over portion control. My appetite control is in auto pilot. My two year old had a meltdown during dinner tonight and it wasn't until many hours later that I realised I hadn't eaten my dinner. I wasn't hungry because I had eaten some cashews at afternoon tea. Go figure.

Simone - honeyandfizz said...

Congratulations! What a fantastic achievement! I can understand that it is hard to talk about but it is inspirational NOT boring xx

Anna Bartlett said...

I am listening! Please tell me more! I feel like I'm just waiting for some maturity and self control to kick in, and that one day it will just happen. Can't wait to hear of what happened for you!

MultipleMum said...

Rocking along Wal. Rocking along x

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

honey you are not boring - that is bloody sensational!!!! whoooo hooo to you xx

yaga said...

you are such a good writer and I love to hear other people's experiences and relationships with food. It is so interesting but also quite lonely to work these things out for yourself. :o)))

New Outlook Fitness said...

Go You! YOU are amazing, what an achievement