Sunday, November 28, 2010

An outright ban on the dark stuff

It has to go. I can't stop at 3 squares or even 23 squares. It has to go.


Cate said...

Oh Maxabella, I'm so with you sadly. Although I am a big believer in not denying yourself things when on a 'diet' I REALLY can't stop at 3's the whole block or nothing!! So yes, with me too, it just can't be in house AT ALL!! xxxCate

Miss Ruby said...

I've decided that my "diet" next year will instead be called a "lifestyle change" and during that "lifestyle change" I will no longer be consuming chocolate - meh it hurts to even type that, no matter do it!

Good luck!


MultipleMum said...

I have had a few run ins with that exact product. It is best to leave it on the shelf xx

MaidInAustralia said...

Oh, my favourite and personal weakness is Cadbury Macadamia Nut chocolate. Perhaps luckily for me, my son is anaphylactic to nuts, so I can never have it in the house, or even eat it when I'm going to be seeing him. (I would only have to touch him or kiss him after eating to cause a reaction).
Occasionally, just occasionally, when he is away at his Dad's I will succumb and eat a whole block over a day or couple of days (depending on how much I need it), and then, CSI-like, remove every trace.
I don't beat myself up over that, because I enjoy every single forbidden mouthful!

Cate said...

Am currently working on my new years about you??