Monday, November 15, 2010

Why have I eaten four pieces of the World's Most Dangerous Cake since Sunday? And what was I doing making the World's Most Dangerous Cake in the first place? Damn you, World's Most Dangeous Cake... I will get you back someday.

See that chocolate, maple syrup, kit kat and marshmallow cake up there? I made it. But I didn't stop there. I've eaten at least four pieces too. It's beyond McDreamy when you heat it for just a little bit in the microwave and the marshmallows start to ooooooze a little and get meshed in with the cakey bits and the icing drizzles down like a love fountain of yum.

What happened to my 'doing it' programme? Where is my beloved 'zone'? Why do we sometimes wake up and subconsciously say 'fuck it' and just hoover for the day / week / month before remembering "oh, that's right, I'm meant to be losing weight?"

What's that all about, huh?


Cate said...

OMG - I was just sitting here feeling a little sad and lonely (hubby away o/s) and that little lol was just what I needed!! Don't stress out! You have not 'ruined everything'. It is so important not to feel like you are depriving yourself when you are on this journey. And tomorrow is another day. xxx

Cate said...

Oh BTW - can we have the recipe pleeeeease? xxx

Kymmie said...

Oh. My. God. Divine. Delish. And then I read your description. Where do I get me some of that cake (and the extra 2kgs needed to find on my waist)?

Well, it was your daughter's christening, and if you can't make your cake and eat it too, then when can you?

Diet starts again tomorrow.

Amie said...

there's always tomorrow. more importantly. where can I get me some of that cake?

Anna Walker said...

Don't make it.
Don't keep it in the house
Out of sight, out of mind.

Louisa said...

A - Maze - Zing!!!
I am literally salivating at the description of the melted marshmallows - you cruel woman!
As everyone says, it won't take long to work if off and I bet it was worth it. x