Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I blame the bunny

So Easter, huh?

I have consumed my body weight in chocolate over the past four days. It was great at the time - that free feeling of 'stuff it' (or rather 'stuff me'). I rode that chocolate high like a thoroughbred racing for the Cup.

Now I've come down I'm just the grumpiest, meanest person around. It's like I've permanently got the cranky pants on and they're three sizes bigger than they were four days ago.

I've got to start thinking more like an addict and less like someone who can 'just have one'. I can't have just one. I can't even have just ten.

I blame the bunny. Why can't he hop around delivering carrots instead of the brown stuff?

[Insanely cute bunny image from here. Don't even look at me, bunny, you know what you've done.]


Cate said...

Oh don't blame that bunny...it's soooooo cute (awwww!!)
I've got some homework reading for you:

Maxabella said...

Cate, I know we've only recently met, but I love you. There, I said it. x

Diminishing Lucy said...

I have been the same.

In "stuff it" mode....

Miss Maxabella, I imagine you have run the gauntlet OK - if its just been a few days, seriously, the way it imacts is in no loss no gain. You'll stay the same.

So let go of the guilt and the get your cranky pants off...


Anonymous said...

I like ur blog

Anna Bartlett said...

My name is Anna and I, too, am an addict.

Thought turning 40 would help me, maturity wise and all.

Nup. Nup and nup.

I like your idea of 'can't even have one'. Surely that's not gonna kill me.

Seriously cute bunny though.

lyptis said...

That bunny is soooo cute!
Sorry to hear you're cranky now, don't be too hard on yourself.

I used to be like that, not being able to stop before i finished the block of chocolate and/or the bag of chips. Not anymore(only occasionally). I think i was compensating for things like loneliness and boredom.. once i figured them out somehow i stopped eating so much crap!

Jane said...

Stupid bunny. I also blame him for my unhealthily high consumption of chocolate over the past few weeks.

Two weeks after Easter and I am only JUST attempting to wean myself off it. I haven't had any today..... yet.