Monday, October 18, 2010

Does it really come down to the yolk?

The trouble with 'diets' is that they are just so extreme. Since when do we really have to peel the skin off the chicken before we eat it... it's the best bit! If I'm existing on salads the rest of the time, does it really matter if I leave the chicken skin on? Or, for godsake, have an omelette that has a yolk in it.

Surely not.

My fat didn't come from egg yolks. It came from a block of Dairy Milk in front of the tele. It came from lashings of butter (oh how I miss you!), cheese (!) and ice-cream (oh, sweet ice-cream!). You know, that sort of ... banned, fond memories only, don't even think about it... stuff.

So, I'm leaving the skin on and, godammit, I'm not making bloody eggwhite only omelettes. I might not even drink skim milk, so there.

But I promise, hand on heart, I'll stay off the chocolate and the cheese. Deal?

Do you eat what you want or do you 'modify'? Any of it drive you a bit crazy?

[Image by Babi Santander]


Amy xxoo said...

I'm eating what i want, i'm just trying to cut back on portion size, and up the exercise. I eat pretty healthy food normally anyway, i just eat too much of it.
That being said, i've just polished off two chocolate mousses...i figure i had to get the temptation out of the house!

Louisa said...

As I read your post I am eating veg stir fry with a bit of chicken and no noodles :( I MISS the noodles!
I have lost a lot of weight recently but I still have a way to go and although I don't completely cut out the carbs, I certainly restrict them. This isn't a permanent thing I hasten to add - just until I shift the pounds!
Keep eating the egg yolk though - it's the best bit! x

Imperfectly Me said...

I'm so impressed...didn't know you were doing this...shows I haven't been following sufficiently!!
My problem is my all or nothing approach - I'm either completely on the wagon or completely off it. This dynamic has seen me continue to struggle with weight gain for my entire life!!!!

cooperl788 said...

I do both! I modify some days, when I can bear it, and other days, I just eat a bite or two of exactly what I want. I guess the ultimate goal is that you don't crave the skin on the chicken (even if it's my favorite part of the bird - especially crisped in the oven from being basted for hours with butter and sage and...). I'm pretty sure it gets easier, but I haven't gotten there yet.

Lucy said...

This is a whole big major issue for me.

If I eat whatever I want to, whenever I want to, and eat supportively for hunger, not for emotional reasons, then yes, I agree totally with you.

But I don't LOSE weight, I just maintain.

If I want to actually lose body fat, for me, and my metabolism, I have to restrict and alter the way I eat.

No crispy chicken skin. No egg yolks. No processed carbs. Very low sodium.

Annoying, but proven, for me, to be true.

Kymmie said...

Dairy is the devil! We've cut it out of our diets at our place, and although I dearly miss cheese and yoghurt, it's amazing if you focus on the things you can have, rather than the things you can't, it changes everything! xx

PS. Chocolate is the devil's vice.

Wendy said...

Oh, man! I've been fat for most of my life---and am exercising and eating when I'm hungry to try and lose the extra 50 pounds before my 40th. How I loathe scrambled eggwhites!