Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It is working

Could this be the key? I have nothing to say about my diet one way or the other EXCEPT

it is working.

I am paying no attention to it whatsoever. I am not obsessing. I am not even thinking.

it is working.

I'm not eating funny foods. I'm not craving anything. I'm not scared if I eat a morsel that's 'not on the plan'

it is working.

There is no hurry. No stress. No 'I should be' or 'I shouldn't be'. It just is what it is and

it is working.

I know this because even though I am not measuring myself or weighing myself, we are taking photos every Sunday evening in the same tight clothes and

it is working.

Three words that stand out for me this week:

1. Persistence
2. Consistence
3. Daily

I'm charmed, as ever, by Diminishing Lucy

[Image found at the Lucky Optimist, source unknown. Please contact me if this is your image!]


Cate said...

Absolutley brilliant!!! There is something to be said for having someone else take all the responsibility for your food choices - it really does take a lot of the stress away from this whole deal...after all most of the stress is in the decision making.
I think your proof of this theory!!
I'm really happy for you :-) Keep it up!

Lucy said...

What an utter delight to read this. SO SO glad.

I am envious. I am feeling ick.

But so pleased for you.


Kymmie said...

This is so fantastic Bron! Keep chugging along. And those tight clothes will soon be enormous on you! xx

allison tait said...

Go you!

Anonymous said...

Great post. Sometimes we just need to let go mentally and let things fall where they should by themselves.


Firball said...

That is a brilliant feeling and I can feel your happiness oozing through your post.

Great work and continue enjoying it!

E. said...

Hurray! Maybe this woudl work for me. Nothign else is. Oh that's right, it's the nothign part I have gotten down pat.

Can you knock some sense (and motivation) into me please?

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

whoooooo hoo!!! firstly, i just like to point that that yes i am slow....hmm of course you had another blog blogging away here is blogland!! Second - I'm thrilled for you Bron!! I'm cheering you on!

Adalita said...

awesome work. So jealous as I am stuck in a rut or plateau.