Sunday, February 13, 2011

Should I weigh myself?

I'm starting to think no.

I find it demotivating at the best of times, depressing at the worst.

I think I'm happier just getting on with things and maybe jumping on the scales every now and then. But every diet helper I read tells me I should weight myself once a week to keep on track. To be honest, I think they're right...

What do you think?

BTW, The Commando week 1 was a MASSIVE success. Or should I say a TINY success? Week 2 and I'm loving the diet and my husband more and more.

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Cate said...

Honestly that's a really tough one. You seem really sensible, so I would say yes - but no more than once a week. But as soon as you start thinking 'gee, I thought I was doing really well but the scales tell me I'm not' is when you should stop weighing yourself and re-evaluate.
The scales can be a useful tool in keeping you on track. But they can also be your self-esteem's worst enemy. Never let the numbers rule your life :-)

So glad your hubby's help has improved!!

Langdowns said...

Tough one. Agree with Cate. It's a state of mind not a bunch of numbers. And if concentrating on numbers stuffs your state of mind, then you're screwed! Yes, a definite condundrum. I'd stick the scales in the cupboard for a month, work really hard on all things diet, and then get them out for a look see. There may then be enough weightloss to celebrate and renew your dieting spirit.

Lucy said...

If you feel good, don't bother.

I don't bother anymore.

Give it a month on the LOYL Commando plan diet.


MultipleMum said...

Face it. Take in the numbers and then blow them away next week. ;)