Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Accountable every week

I've decided that I'm only going to blog about weight loss once a week on Thursdays and link up at Diminishing Lucy's Fat to Fit. There are many reasons for this, but really it boils down to the time factor and the boredom factor. I really don't see myself sitting here being interesting about and interested in writing about... loss of fat.
I just find the whole thing so deadly dull.

Oh my, don't tell anyone you're on a 'diet' (or 'healthy life choices programme') because they immediately launch into telling you down to the finest detail what they had for breakfast that morning. "So I had an egg and I boiled it in water that I added a bit of salt to.. did I add the salt?... no, no salt... and then I opened a new packet of Burgen multi-grain bread, the one with the..." Cue coma.

Just having to think about the minuate of what goes into the mouth is labourious for me. I do suppose that a classic 'boredom eater' such as me will find it very difficult to lose weight when she find diets so boring.

So, this week the scales have done... absolutely nothing. And this is because I have done... absolutely nothing.  My grand 200gm weight loss a week has come to a screeching halt. There is a reason for this. I've been eating the choc bits from the cooking cupboard while watching Modern Family and United States of Tara. Two shows, two different nights, same me eating the choc bits.

I know, I know. And I'm on holidays next week which is usually a disaster, but I'll try to make it not. Perhaps the generosity of Good Golly Miss Holly will see me through? She emailed to see if I'd like her copies of some motivational CDs and I said... why yes thank you you generous and lovely soul. Would anyone like them after me?

How did you fare (pun intended) this week?


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Lucy said...

You will love those CD's. They are travelling Australia to all these beautiful women.

My scales remain the same week in week out.

I hear you on the dullness of food intakes.

Have you read Dr Amanda Sainsbury-Salis? You would like her ideas a lot, I suspect. (Worth borrowing from the library at any rate......)